A Scientist, a Pillion, a Racer and a Long Distance Rider | Transcript

Find out what the symptoms of rider fatigue are and get some tips from industry experts on how to prevent or deal with fatigue. From coffee to naps to muscle use to carrying less, and more. 

Jacqui Furneaux | Where She Wants To Be: A Motorcycle Journey of Self Discovery | Transcript

When Jacqui was approaching her 50th birthday, her life underwent some major changes. When someone offered her the opportunity to join them on a motorcycle trip, she bought a Royal Enfield and hit the road. She ended up travelling for seven years, and when she finally did return home, she realized she had discovered so much about herself, that she was able to carry on and mend broken fences. 

Bob Lilley | Long Distance Rider: Iron Butt Rally Competitor | Transcript

Bob Lilley lives in Pennsylvania and absolutely loves long distance riding. So much so, that last year, he rode for 11 days straight both day and night with very little sleep to gain his second place finish in the 2017 Iron Butt Rally.

Dimitrios Tournas | From Start to Finish: Determined to Cross the Finish Line | Transcript

Dimitrios Tournas has a  bucket list so long (over 800 items), that he’s going to have to hustle to complete it in just one lifetime. Fuelled by his intense passion for life, and the tremendous bucket list, on his first day at an off-road riding school (with no previous experience), he tells the instructor that he’s there to learn to ride so that he can represent the US in the International GS Trophy.
Article by Adventure Rider Radio

Posted on January 9, 2018 and filed under GS Trophy.