28 ARR RAW Motorcycle Travel Talks: The Missing Tapes

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Overheated, Under-Rated, Loud & Too Small? 

ARR RAW Round Table Discussions With Motorcycle Adventure Travellers - Featuring Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin.


RAW Listener: Scott Montgomery
Question: Country the panel hosts have been to that was the biggest surprise and why?


RAW Listener: Neil Lyle
Question: Just looking at a cooling vest. We had 48c days here in Australia and I went camping. Coming home it was way too hot to ride and was I looking at the cooling vest to help with the hot days. Has anyone tried these ?????

RAW Listener: John Clare
Question/s: When you ride, what do you listen to? Music or books? Or do you prefer to listen to the road and bike? 

RAW Listener: Quinton Jay
Question/s: Topic for thought might be bike size for adventuring. With newer bikes getting lighter and more powerful, what are everyone’s thoughts on getting back to adventure routes of cheaper, lower power, lighter bikes to head out looking for adventure, while still having some level of comfort? Also what are everyone’s thoughts on all these bikes that are seeming to be produced that are labeled ADV but then need 2-5000$ worth of tanks, crash bars and panniers, before you can go anywhere other than a coffee shop?

ARR RAW is produced by Canoe West Media and Elizabeth Martin. Co-hosts of RAW are Sam Manicom, Grant Johnson, Shirley Hardy Rix, Brian Rix and Graham Field, with host Jim Martin. For this round table talk series, audio is edited, mixed and produced by Jim Martin.

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