Show Supporters 

Many thanks to all of you who have donated to Adventure Rider Radio, either one time or if you're a regular contributor, we appreciate it all. We'd like to give a special nod to those of you who have supported ARR and helped bring the show to our listeners. We'll keep your name up for a full year** to give a well-deserved shout out to you :)
Ride Safe,
Jim & Elizabeth


April 2016
Christopher C.
Dave M.
David A.
Edward M.
Ian S.
Jason B.
Jay N.
John T.
Mark T.
Scott B.
Steve A.
Steven C.

May 2016
Brian M.
Daniel W.
Doug M.
Eric K.
Glen J.
Glen S.
Greg H.
John B.
Jorge M.
Ken C.
Kinga T.
Lee H.
Michael S.
F N.
Rom H.
Simon C.
Tony M.

June 2016
Hume F.
J Thomas M.
João F.
Mitchell N.
Paul H.
Peter J.
Randy M.
Robin H.
Scott M.
Thomas B.

July 2016
Adrian J.
David C.
David F.
Evan D.
John R.
Mark C.
Michael K.
Michael S.
Rakesh R.
Shane C.
William M.

August 2016
Andy T.
Ali S.
Brian M.
Charles V.
Chris B.
Dan C.
David S.
Doug P.
Gordon R.
Kevin R.
Malcolm B.
Marc B.
Michael H.
Michael S.
Neil T.
Paul B.
Randy S.
Wesley J.

September 2016
Bob U.
David P.
David W.
Glenn L.
Greg G.
Ian R.
Jim M.
Jonathon M.
Kimi K.
Kristina F.
Lee A.
Michael S.
Noah O.
Peter B.
Richard B.
Steve G.
Stuart E.
Wayne C.

October 2016
Alan Q.
Artyom L.
Bold S.
David M.
Daryl C.
Eric L.
James S
Lee H.
Michael S.
Nicholas P.
Paul M.
Paul S.
Richard H.
Shawn K.
Soren L.
Stan M.
Stephen T.
Steve C.
Warren G.

November 2016
Charles P.
Craig R.
Dean H.
Eric D.
Frederick G.
Gary L.
Greg T.
Ian L.
Jan O.
Jeff B.
John W.
John R.
Justin K.
Lee W.
Marc D.
Mark S.
Mike F.
Nick W.
Paul C.
Pawel S.
Pelle E.
Randy S.
Robert R.
Tracy S.
V S.

December 2016
Alan H.
Brent B.
Brenton H.
Bruce B.
Bryan E.
Carey F.
Christopher S.
Clement A.
Craig R.
Fredrik A.
Greg M.
Hume F.
Jeff S.
Joseph L.
Ken K.
Mark P.
Scott M.
Stephen M.
Stuart D.
Ted D.
Terry K.
Victor P.

January 2017
Alan B.
Bill C.
Charles B.
Christopher G.
Christopher H.
Craig C.
David M.
Gabriele G.
Jan C.
Kirk D.
Lance S.
Michael S.
Peter W.
Rob M.
Thomas G.
Thomas R.
Todd S.
Tommy M.

February 2017
Daniel W.
David H.
David L.
David O.
David W.
Gary S.
Geoff S.
Kevin T.
Robert C.
Robert D.
Sean K.
Stephen B.
Steve L.
Steven H.
Wayne C.

March 2017
Al K.
Aaron P.
Daniel S.
David M.
Jason K.
Ken C.
Kevin H.
Michael S.
Richard L.
Steve L.
Todd S.
Walter P.


**For privacy reasons, we have posted only the first names and last name initial of those who have donated in the past year :) If you contributed to Adventure Rider Radio in the past 12 months and would like your name in full on this list, please email Elizabeth at adventureriderradio[at]