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Many thanks to all of you who have donated to Adventure Rider Radio, either one time or if you're a regular contributor, we appreciate it all. We'd like to give a special nod to those of you who have supported ARR and helped bring the show to our listeners. We'll keep your name up for a full year** to give a well-deserved shout out to you :)
Ride Safe,
Jim & Elizabeth


July 2016
Adrian J.
David C.
David F.
Evan D.
John R.
Mark C.
Michael K.
Michael S.
Rakesh R.
Shane C.
William M.

August 2016
Andy T.
Ali S.
Brian M.
Charles V.
Chris B.
Dan C.
David S.
Doug P.
Gordon R.
Kevin R.
Malcolm B.
Marc B.
Michael H.
Michael S.
Neil T.
Paul B.
Randy S.
Wesley J.

September 2016
Bob U.
David P.
David W.
Glenn L.
Greg G.
Ian R.
Jim M.
Jonathon M.
Kimi K.
Kristina F.
Lee A.
Michael S.
Noah O.
Peter B.
Richard B.
Steve G.
Stuart E.
Wayne C.

October 2016
Alan Q.
Artyom L.
Bold S.
David M.
Daryl C.
Eric L.
James S
Lee H.
Michael S.
Nicholas P.
Paul M.
Paul S.
Richard H.
Shawn K.
Soren L.
Stan M.
Stephen T.
Steve C.
Warren G.

November 2016
Charles P.
Craig R.
Dean H.
Eric D.
Frederick G.
Gary L.
Greg T.
Ian L.
Jan O.
Jeff B.
John W.
John R.
Justin K.
Lee W.
Marc D.
Mark S.
Mike F.
Nick W.
Paul C.
Pawel S.
Pelle E.
Randy S.
Robert R.
Tracy S.
V S.

December 2016
Alan H.
Brent B.
Brenton H.
Bruce B.
Bryan E.
Carey F.
Christopher S.
Clement A.
Craig R.
Fredrik A.
Greg M.
Hume F.
Jeff S.
Joseph L.
Ken K.
Mark P.
Scott M.
Stephen M.
Stuart D.
Ted D.
Terry K.
Victor P.

January 2017
Alan B.
Bill C.
Charles B.
Christopher G.
Christopher H.
Craig C.
David M.
Gabriele G.
Jan C.
Kirk D.
Lance S.
Michael S.
Peter W.
Rob M.
Thomas G.
Thomas R.
Todd S.
Tommy M.

February 2017
Daniel W.
David H.
David L.
David O.
David W.
Gary S.
Geoff S.
Kevin T.
Robert C.
Robert D.
Sean K.
Stephen B.
Steve L.
Steven H.
Wayne C.

March 2017
Al K.
Aaron P.
Daniel S.
David M.
Jason K.
Ken C.
Kevin H.
Michael S.
Richard L.
Steve L.
Todd S.
Walter P.

April 2017
Adrian Jacob
Dave Wood
Larry Zeligson
Jennifer Eskew
Marek Mezyk
Russ Nicholson
Brad Lawson
Shane Gildnes
GS Giants (
Derek Radford
JJ Gee
Dave Drouin
Andrew Campbell
William Ketterer
Bullseye USA, Inc.
Randal Schnedler
Matthew Fallon

May 2017
Gregory Young
Bryan Eck
Timm Piper
Manfred Pfaffenlehner
Glen Jackson
Robert Carey
Mark Soper
John Clare
Chris Homco
Mark Thomson
Raphael Balimann
Joanna Orr
Bryan Conley
Jason Borders

June 2017
Eric Ross
Vlast Pojman
Denise Sweet
Douglad Clark
Phil Varga


Jim & Elizabeth, thank you for producing such a fun and informative program. As a new adventure rider, I’ve been able to glean great tips and info I’ve found sometimes challenging to come by elsewhere. I look forward to it every week!
— Dave D.

Patreon Donators: Monthly Contributors

Rachel Sumner
Scott Montgomery
Dave Prigel
Trevor Brown
Allen Sullivan
Craig Porter
Paul Baird
Scott McElhenie
Steve Godfrey
Mark Reynolds
Chuck Hailbronner
Matthew Harvey
Kimi Kyllonen
Craig Parker

**For privacy reasons, we have posted only the first names and last name initial of some donators. If you would like your name removed from this list please send us an email :)