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Adventure Rider Radio Green Room

Welcome to the ARR show!

Spend some time "backstage" and fill out as much of the following information to assist the producers in planning the segment. 

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If we are calling your Skype account please supply a Skype handle and send a contact request to us at canoewestmedia

An ARR producer will send you a link to upload photos for your profile.


Remember When Filling This Out

Please remember that this information is used to help us research questions and make an outline of the interview so that you sound your best and we cover all the relevant information.

This information is ONLY used for Adventure Rider Radio so don't be shy - let it all hang out. :)


We need some large photos to use on our website, best if they are 800-1000 pixels wide. A dozen or more to choose from would be great. We may choose to use them all! Please send photos to our dropbox.

Books and Videos

If you can we like to have books and movies before the interview but even after the fact is great.

If you have links for us to download your books, movies and audio books please send them to us at